Don’t, EVER, flush it! | CULTURE SHOCK!

south korea

South Korea is pretty good at selling itself to media: I dare you to watch any documentary talking about this country and its capital city and NOT to hear the impersonal voice boasting about the industries and the high technological development.

Now, hold tight your Samsung smartphone or tablet you are probably using to read this article and take a deep breathe before proceeding… Ready?
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PUOK BURGER | Food discovery.

Folks say Napoli is the best place on Earth for food, and Puok Burger Store gave a new proof to this statement: people here know how to play with food, and they do it well.

The food discovery I am going to talk about today might seem inappropriate, considering burgers are an American food, but trust me when I say this is one of the most typical thing you can savor during your stay in Napoli: Puok Burger is not just selling common burgers, it provides something unique. But before talking about the food in detail, I must share with you the story of this place.

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The truth behind the bidet| CULTURE SHOCK!


Today I want to reveil you, my dear innocent and unaware reader, what truly lies behind the presence of that small and apparently innoffensive sink in Italian bathrooms: THE BIDET.

Naive people believe it is just a plumbing fixture Italians use to wash their genitalia, but this is just the poorest of possible descriptions: the bidet, as it is perceived by Italian people, is the emblem of our race superiority

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